Monday, October 19, 2015

"I sat and Broke a Chair at a Members House"

Hello Everyone,

Yes it is as bad as you read it. I went to a members house for dinner one night and there was not a lot of chairs I was just grateful that i was not sitting on a bucket. My companion sat down and I was getting ready to sit, once I did the chair kept going DOWN, DOWN FLOOR. Now I know that my "exercising" has been pretty mediocre but I didn't think I had gained that much weight. The family assured me the chair was already broken they just didn't realize how bad.Which is why today we will be playing basketball with the elders for exercise. Don't worry all my clothes still fit so I don't think those potatoes have been hurting me too bad. 

This week was full of tender mercies. The same house we went over for dinner, had quite a few number of kids. We sat over dinner and talked about missions  and the blessings of serving. They have two daughters who are contemplating serving. We were finishing our discussion and one of the little girls asked if she could wear my name tag. I said of course. Once she had it on she wouldn't take it off and insisted on putting on her skirt so she could be a missionary too. She even shared the spiritually thought for us. Her little brother kept asking her why she was wearing my tag. He kept saying "Your not a missionary" over and over again. Finally She replied "I will be someday" It melted my heart. Just a little reminder from Heavenly father that our influence goes beyond the people we teach or the less actives we go our and search for. It perfectly echoed the words said in conference that "children are investigators too" Her name is Merr-lin and she is a doll!

We spent most of our week working on reactivation. Visiting families, inviting people to church, we had one day all our appointments cancelled on us. On Sunday morning the Bishop called and asked me to speak in church I happily obliged. Our ward has a lot of drama in it, that filters from the school positions in the ward. Someone, doesn't like the other. They're a bad principal the list goes on and on. Were working on getting people to warm up to each other  hah One member has been going through a divorce her daughter is on a mission, and she had the temple sealing and she asked us where are the blessings? Where is the hope? We talked to her about the importance of being faithful, although we are faithful in the covenants we have made to the lord and someone else is not that does not reflect poorly on us. Each of us has our agency. The hope is the Savior. Making all the right decisions does not exempt us from hard times, or trials. This experiences are a reminder that our Savior is near and wants us to lean on him. She taught in relief society and broke down in tears recounting our visit. She looked at my companion and I said I find hope in those two sisters who come to my house every week to visit me. 

I am grateful for the tender mercies the lord places in our lives. I know that our Heavenly Father is aware of us each and everyday of our lives. He invites us to "Come unto him". Loving the people in Payette has begun to come easier everyday and I know its because the love comes from the Savior. Have a great week everyone!  

All my Love,

Sister Cleveland 

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