Thursday, April 6, 2017

This is not Goodbye, Just I LOVE YOU to take with you

ey everyone :)

I don't know what words can express the beauty of the last 18 months of my life. The past few weeks have been filled with laughs, tears and promises much like the last 18 months :) When i opened my mission call forever ago I didn't expect how huge my heart would grow with pure love for the amazing people of Idaho. It has been an amazing last 18 months my heart is full to m heavenly father for this great plan of happiness he has created for all of us to return back to him. everyday is an opportunity to come unto Christ, to know him, to be healed by him and to use the mercies on his atonement I know with everything in my being that God lives, Jesus in truly the Christ and one day we will stand at his feet and truly understand the depth of his role in our lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true and it can bring us happiness. There are so many miracles I have witnessed and blessings that I have seen in the lives of God's children here in this wonderful area. Elder Foster of the Seventy asked us "What would you say as your last pray as a missionary" I have pondered this question and think of this I would prayer for my brothers and sisters in this areas those we lives I have touched and those whose lives have touched mine, I would ask to never forget the goodness of the Savior and the power of his gospel and the atonement he performed on all of our behalf's. God truly is good everyone EVERYDAY!!




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