Monday, January 9, 2017

From McCall, to Meridian

Hellooo everyone :) 

***sorry everyone that sent early..

This week we have transfers! Usually we would transfers today but we had some crazy weather here in Idaho and we have been home bound for 3 days now. we broke out to email everyone. We are going to transfer on Wednesday instead and we didn't have church on Sunday, but we got to spend some time with our Bishop and his family we had a testimony meeting and got to spend some time with their family. This week we were able to spend quite a good amount of time in Cascade and one day we spent the day just driving well i was driving 246 miles we racked up that day it was crazy. There are so many people that I have met on my mission who have this "crisis of faith" they wonder is what I'm doing really bringing me happiness? Am I becoming who I'm meant to become? Why don't I have blessings that my friends or other people I know have? What am I doing wrong? We all will have time of crisis times when we feel like we are lacking, that our faith is not strong enough, or that the simple truths found in the gospel of Jesus Christ simply can't be the simple way to be happiness. BUT IT IS! Yes we face challenges we have obstacles trials and tribulations but don't let that be the reason you begin to doubt, or question!

 Elder Marion D. Hanks of the First Quorum of the Seventy has written, “We shall not fully avoid tribulation and trial, separation and sorrow, distress and difficulty. But through faith and understanding and courage we may truly ‘prosper’ in the Spirit of the Lord. Instead of turning away from the gospel and the savior we must turn to it. We must pray like we never have before, seek earnestly for help and strength to face the challenges that come our way, seek answers to our questions from the right source! Truth comes from our loving heavenly father, and is confirmed through the power of the holy ghost whose role is to testify of truth. We must never lose faith that god doesn't hear or prayers or that he is not aware of our circumstances. We must do everything to come unto him, when we feel like we can't pray we must open our mouths and try.. and the next night try again. It is when we give up that we feel the  distance between us and our heavenly father and it is not him who has moved. I'm sure there are some who think it's not that easy and It isn't but do not for once think that the plan of happiness was designed to be easy. If we truly believe in the promises the lord has extended to us, if we have faith which is the first principle of the gospel we need to let it be our foundation  Our loving heavenly father gave us this life to have joy.. to be incandescently happy. That is our part of our potential. I know that we all have choices and challenges to make and face. But I truly know from the depths of my soul that the gospel of Jesus Christ provides light and hope and we can have a personal relationship with our father in heaven. Lastly, I know that as we come to know the Savior Jesus Christ that more than just what he did but who he is to YOU.. He truly is the Messiah, the Prince of Peace and He is the Master Healer.. when we come unto him we can be made whole.

Have a great week everyone! Keep the Faith :) HE LOVES YOU! 

Love you all,

Sister Cleveland 

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