Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey everyone :)

This week went super fast. It was crazy I'll just skip to the good parts ;)
Last week we met Judy while tracting she's Nazarene and likes to learn. So we went back this week and taught her more about temples and families. She asked a ton of questions and when we answered many of her responses were "I'd be darn". He second husband passed away two years ago so talking about the blessings of the temple really caught her interest. She had some many questions spring forth from that topic, we started talking about the plan of salvation, the restoration, the atonement, and repentance something from every lesson that we teach it was crazy. We weren't expecting that to happen but it was awesome the spirit was there and when we finished talking because we were late for dinner she said she felt "enlighten" and I knew the spirit was working on her heart. 

We had exchanges with the Spanish sisters that we serve. So earlier this week i headed back to Caldwell to spend a day Spanish speaking it was fun. I was with Sister La Luz she is such a diligent missionary and loves the lord.  We had tons of moments when the unexpected happened and she would start to get  discouraged and we knelt and prayed I loved hearing her pour her heart out to god. It was a good reminder for me. We also had exchanges with Nampa Spanish and Sister Nichols came to our area. We had a good time laughing and working. She has a spunky personality and wants to teach people about the gospel. we were able to go see Aleena and Jorge had a super good lesson with them about the church and it's role. Aleena wants to go help at the church orchard and the ward asked Jorge to teach the youth some soccer  skills. They asked about activities that they can come too and we are doing our best to immerse them in. The only thing is they didn't come to church AGAIN. All the people who were are teaching or trying to wont keep their commitments.
JUST COME TO CHURCH.. hah It's so hard every Sunday to wait and wait and they don't show up. But we keep praying and teaching and hoping every Sunday. School just started back up so no more summer vacations for people so hopefully they start coming to church.

We had a fun surprise at church we saw Greggor :) our recent convert who lives in Coeur d'laine! He was down visiting for his aunt's son baby blessing. So we got to see him and he said he missed me and he got my letter I wrote him. He's so cute I love him. We also had zone conference this week which was good. It was in Meridian so we got to go to the Meridian Temple afterward. Its getting there. Its super big! Glad we got to see it.

Speaking of temples if you are reading this and not a member of our faith I would invite you this week to go tour the new Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple right in our backyard. It's located on 1789 Vine Street. You can go inside and get a tour and ask questions to missionaries just like me! And if you don't want to go alone just contact my parents I'm sure they'll go with you :)
Don't miss your chance you learn some pretty cool things about why temples are so important in our faith, why we build so many, and the beauty of eternal families. Go Check it Out!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Much Love from Idaho

Sister Cleveland 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Engage in the Wrestle

Hey Everyone :)

This week has been an adventure. we've had the usually meetings, lessons, crazy encounters and testimony strengthening experiences which are my favorite. We have been tracting a ton in our area, teaching people about the book of mormon and inviting  people to come to church. I have learned so much through the spirit this week, missionaries would be completely lost without it. I have reflected on how often we pray for experiences, to be led to those that are prepared, then we act we go tract we put ourselves in the best opportunity to meet people who the lord would have us too. As we work with the spirit and it leads us we find so much more success in our day. I have come to realize that if i feel the waves of inspiration going and the spirit its telling me something I need to do one of two things either write it down or act immediately. This has happened all week and i'm glad that heavenly father trusts me to receive prompting because he knows I will act and also knows that I ponder the counsel he gives me through the spirit. This happen while we were on exchanges this week. Sister Beauchamp and I were out tracting and she had only tracted one other time on her mission, so  we went to a street and started teaching. The impression came you need to go to 2108 after this one. After we knocked the house we were at we started talking and walking back to the car when I stopped  and said to Sister Beauchamp we need to go knock that house. The door was open of the house we rang the doorbell and heard "Come In" definitely usually for a missionary. We didn't go in but inside were five girls ages 17-9 we told them we were teaching about the BOM and asked if they wanted to hear more they said yes and we preceded to teach them at their door. The spirit had their attention and you could see the faces of those girls who took a book of Mormon and accepted an invitation for us to come back. It was a cool experience for us.

There has been some things on my mind after an experience with a less active man we had been teaching and working with. We hadn't seen him at church for a couple weeks and last week he told us he'd be there and didn't come. So we stopped by this week and as we were talking he seemed to be in good spirits we shared a quote with him from Elder Holland on hope. We told him we'd get him the talk, he replied "you don't need to, i don't believe in god anymore and nothing anyone says is going to change that." My companion and I were silent for a while. Neither of us knowing what to say the words that came to my mind were "there is light at the end of the tunnel" He is right there is nothing we could have said or will say that is going to change his mind. His  journey to truly acknowledge god and come to understand his plan for him is his choice, and his alone. It made me think of this talk people have been raving about entitled "Will you engage in the wrestle?" and that is exactly what this man is going through. Sheri Dew gave this devotional and in it she asks a young woman "Do you want a testimony?" she replies "Yes" to which Sister Dew replies "Are you willing to work for it?" the woman replies "Yes".

AS much as our heavenly father loves us and wants to give us things we desires. We need to work for our testimony, you have questions things that you just can't understand you can sit and give up or you can fight to learn, go to the lord for understanding and plead with heaven to be strengthened. I know that god needs me to choose everyday, he needs all of us too. We can chose him. I am committed to him and he is to me in my weaknesses, my shortcomings, and victories. He is committed to who he knows I can become and to help me get there. We have to stop putting a due date on perfection or feel that we must have a testimony of some gospel principal tomorrow. If you haven't experience it where can you gain testimony. I have learned through personal experience and the lives of those that I meet that life is work.. hard work but as I have chosen to live the gospel each day it is the best way for me to improve and become better. I began to understand my purpose as a daughter of god as I came to understand whose I am "[he] loves us, and we love him" instilled in me were values to become a woman of god. But I am willing to  put in the work, to not give up when questions arise I am ready to engage in the wrestle because I know that god is on my side and we will figure it out. I hope all of us are willing to engage in the wrestle and truly come to be a witness is this day that god lives and so does his son Jesus Christ and they love us. God hears and answers prayers everyone. Have a good week!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

Monday, August 8, 2016

"Im Calling The Cops!"

Hey Everyone :)

Its another week here in Idaho. This week actually wasn't too bad heat wise. We had about three cool days one of which was overcast all day it was awesome. On Tuesday we had a really great MLC it was the first one with President Sorensen and the missionaries who were reassigned to Nampa from Boise it was super spiritual and we were able to set goals for the upcoming transfer and the mission. We talked about the atonement and teaching that to our investigators and the missionaries. President used some verses from Numbers 21 to teach the importance of looking to the Savior and finding life through him. My companion and I did something different this week we go on a book of Mormon find for about two hours. We tract around a street we pray about and teach people about the book of Mormon or ask what they know about it. We were able to give away some Books of Mormon and contact some potential investigators. It was good.

Aleena and Jorge who Sister Zitting and I found on the tracting blitz are doing good. The last time we taught them we taught about the godhead, and some of the plan of salvation.  We had an appointment this week but her husband came home late from work so it didn't work out. But were planning on seeing them this week. On Thursday we went to our dinner appointment. There is a sister in the ward who serves in the temple with my institute teachers from SVU. So we went to dinner and low and behold there are my institute teachers hiding! It was a fun surprise! cool for me to be with them as they were on their mission and now they see me as I serve mine. I loved seeing them on campus and going to their class they have been wonderful examples to me. They were also  in my ward and Brother Anderson taught my temple prep class.  Loved learning from them, we  spent some time catching up over dinner. On Friday we had a zone meeting and zone leaders asked my companion and I to give a training on Key Indicators which we actually did a training on last transfer but we made it work. I had studied about it and that morning and previous night nothing was sticking out to me. My companion had already prepared what she wanted to talk about and I had nothing. I left the house praying about it and when we sitting in the meeting listening to the DL's train all of these things just came to my mind. I love doings trainings because I learn so much through the spirit and always want to share it. We talked about how the lord tells Joseph and others "behold the field is white already to harvest" we talked about how our areas are ready to harvest the lord told the missionaries then that and he tells us that now. The difference over time is not the field but the laborers. "lo he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might" That's the difference between a missionary who reaps a plentiful harvest and one who does not. The DL who went previous to us talked about change, sometimes we need to reevaluate how we go about doing something, and being very specific on how we are going to be better to reap in the harvest. So it was cool to see how all the trainings connect and we can apply them in our areas.

We had some funny moments this week with people the one sticks out.
- Someone texted us "I'm calling the cops on you" we didn't recognize the number and asked who it was.. the girl come to find out said her boyfriend thinks were harassing him and to stop contacting them. It was so ridiculous you had to laugh the girl is like 16. Her boyfriend was someone the elders tracted into on a tracting blitz who had gone to church in Boise we were following up with.

 Well hope everyone had a great week check in with you next week :)

Sister Cleveland

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Temple and Atonement

Hello everyone :)

This week my companion and I were able to go to the temple with a woman we had been working with and visiting who was previously less active. She went to receive her endowment and it was an awesome experience to be with her and her family. I love the temple and as we chose to go to the temple the spirit bears witness of the divine plan of our Heavenly Father. I love the temple and the amazing peace we feel there its truly is a house of learning.

This week I have been reflecting on the atonement and what it means to me. Who the Savior is to me.. As I was do this I was reading in the August Ensign (church magazine) There is an article on the Savior "Behold this Man" L. Whitney Clayton talks about the perfect peace and composure the Savior had in that moment the people he had suffered for in the garden of Gethsemane shouted "Crucify Him”. It is for me the highest form of charity after he was beaten, scorned, rejected he "suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent; Which suffering caused [him] even God, the greatest of all to tremble because of pain and to bleed at every pore and to suffer both body and spirit and would that [he] might not drink the bitter cup and shrink; Nevertheless, glory be in the Father and [he] partook and finished [his] preparations unto the children of men. (D&C 19:16,18-19)

 I testify that you if you have to stagger, crawl, if it takes you longer then you think to get to the savior, get on the path today! His promise is that he will give you rest. As the savior staggered to the cross of Calvary I'm sure yours and my faces ran through his mind this was the final act for you and I. I cannot stand in front my heavenly parents and say that his atonement was not good enough, to be whipped, mocked and scorned IS enough… He knew it was enough. As we come to know our Savior our appreciation for what he has done and continues to do will increase. Our understanding of why we use the cleansing and enabling power of his atonement will cause us to use the power within in our own personal weaknesses and trials. I invite  you to allow the  atonement to lift you souls  come to know the savior more so this week I know in him you will find rest and peace. The atonement is a now opportunity take courage in the words of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland who said “The lord gives credit for trying!”  I hope you all had a great week.

xo Sister Cleveland

P.S. And in case you were wondering about the next ensign cover I have I here for you first :) mini photoshoot by one of our ward members!