Monday, January 30, 2017

Hello World

Hey everyone :)

This week was a little rough not going to lie. Our investigator Kathleen who we were so excited about dropped us :/ and it was ugly she sent us some text messages that weren't the nicest and I'm pretty sure that someone fed her some anti- materiel or lines sadly. It's just so sad we teach them that they can ask God and get there answers but sometimes people like to go the easier route and just read what the find instead of going to the right source for there answers. Which is our Heavenly Father who loves us and will answer our prayers!! We spent yesterday fasting for our area and the people that we would find more of those who are prepared! we have faith that we will find them :) This week the church announced a new missionary daily schedule! So far its been great I really enjoy the flexibility in the morning and we definitely feel super productive throughout the day and finding times to study during the day.The best part is we can go to bed right when we get home! But my comp and I have been working out! So we go to sleep after a little workout session. We also had interviews with president this week! Love meeting with that guy, he's so awesome and always has words of encouragement and advice. Things are moving all really well. Sister Kelly and I are working hard and are excited for the miracles that will come. I have to go sorry for the really short email! Love you all!!!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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