Friday, June 12, 2015

The House of the Lord

I had the amazing opportunity to go through the temple yesterday with my parents. 

There truly are no words to describe my feelings every word seems inadequate.

What a beautiful blessing to be able to enter the house of the lord to be worthy and to go with family. (even if you don't go with family once you walk through the doors of the temple you'll find that everyone is family there)

AHH!! the temple is beyond your imagination

beauty is everywhere and the love of our heavenly father is felt in every second your there

The weekend leading up to my temple visit was horrible everyone says how wonderful the temple is (which is so so very true) but I wish people told how tough it is either leading up or just getting there. I had never felt satan so (there) then when I was about to go to the temple. I felt horrible not that I had doubts or anything No way! (it can happen though) but i felt just this heavy weight and a mist of darkness. I felt that the things I usually had self-control over I was easily lacking. I ended up isolating myself just so i wouldn't snap or be mean to anyone.  He uses just about everything or anything he can. I would even wake up from a bad dream I had about going to the temple. But the blessing of the temple is absolutely worth fighting off his power.

I remember one night I was so anguished and tired. I didn't think to turn to anyone in my family but I sat in the car crying and i offered up a prayer to heavenly father. I knew there was no way i was going to make it to the temple without his protection. I went back to my room and opened my scriptures looking for comfort. I even tried looking on "Many are called few are sisters" Facebook page and some girl posted how she had such a tough experience. I was frustrated not the answer at all. But then I open my scriptures and in D&C 38:30-33 was my answer. It was a perfect tender mercy everything I needed and more.

After that night I had felt so much stronger and better and the weight was lifted off my shoulders. The night before I went through the temple I was up laughing with my dad, my parents were giggly all night and I slept soundly. I wasn't anxious when I got to the temple, but as I walked through those doors I knew everything was about to change, and did. Like my mom said "for the better"

Things to remember:
1. this is truly the house of the lord
2. Heavenly Father wants you to be there, he invites us to come to the temple
3. Your are a child of god 
4. Don't worry about what others say about their experience at the temple everyone is different
5. Preparation is everything
6. Pray for peace
7. Keeping praying
8. Just relax
9. Love the temple even before you go
10. Go back, just go!

the temple and its teachings are simple and beautiful

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