Monday, January 4, 2016

A Miracle A Day

Hey Everyone!

      This has been such a fast week, its hard to remember what happen! 
We taught our investigator yesterday and we had such a powerful lesson on the plan of salvation and the principles of repentance and the atonement of Jesus Christ. He kept explaining to us the mistakes he's made and the choices he said he has hurt so many people and he can't possibly make up for all of it. We taught him about the blessings using the atonement and trusting the Savior and allowing him to help us. He read from D&C 58: 42-43 and ended in tears. The power of the spirit is amazing he kept saying that he felt it through the lessons. I know that he felt the love of the Savior and that comes to anyone who is willing to let the Savior into their lives and allowing the atonement to heal them. 

    I've been thinking about some experiences we have had this week. Sometimes we have just about 5 mins to tell someone about the church or bear testimony. Whether we are at a door knocking or in a home. I love being able to testify of the Savior if their is anything I can do is to share how much the Savior loves us and heavenly Father has a plan for us in our lives! 

       This week my companion had a mission leadership meeting in Nampa. So I was proselytizing in Nampa while she was gone with Sister Bertalino. We had an awesome opportunity to teach a woman who is really struggling and just feels like the Lord has turned his back on her. I was reading in Alma this week in chapter five he teaches the people about the Shepard in verse 37 it says "a Shepard hath called after you, and is still calling after you" I love being able to share that message because even when we feel like god has left us, or we feel abandon. It is promised that the good Shepard (the Savior) will always be there for us, his hand is stretch out to us always! Hope everyone has a good week!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

P.S. Also I have started an "A Miracle A Day" Journal its such a great way to look for blessings or miracles that the lord gives us in our lives everyday. Maybe you might include that as one of your goals for the year! Hope you set some awesome goals! :) 

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