Monday, January 18, 2016

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Hey Everyone!

Well first I must give tribute to Alan Rickman who passed away :( I'm sure ABC FAMILY had Harry Potter Weekend! He was an awesome Severus Snape! 

This has been a super awesome week. We got loaded with referrals from the Spanish elders who have been tracting a ton looking for investigators and because they are Spanish they refer most of them to us. We have been busy contacting and working in the two areas which has been filling our schedules which is awesome. We are currently working with someone who has been investigating the church for a while. We set a baptism date with her for the 30th! We are super excited and feel she is super ready. We also had exchanges this week, interviews with president, meetings coming out of our ears!  It's been crazy but we are grateful for the work that continues to move forward. 

This week we met with a less active who was just spitting questions at us about the gospel and he wanted to talk about Judas and pre-ordination. He said he wanted Judas to be the "Professor Snape of the New Testament" we laughed. He had a ton of quick responses. My companion said "Sometimes it stinks when we don't have the end of the map" and he replied "Not if you know whats under the X" He's pretty quick and it was a fun visit. Probably one of the craziest things we've heard. We've spent tons of time contacting and we always come to find a crazy story. This transfer we set a goal to have ten people progress to baptisms. We are on number 9! We continue to pray and found miracles around every corner its been amazing.

This week I spoke about whether we are "Spiritually out of shape" in our lives. Are we prepared for the challenges that come our way from life? Or are we slacking in our workouts such as prayer, scripture study, church worship are we  listening to our "trainers"?. I know that it is always something we can work on, in our lives. 

Hope everyone has a great week :))

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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