Monday, March 28, 2016

Always Remember Him

This week, This week! 

    Hopefully I can fit everything in this email. We had an Easter egg hunt this week with our ward and it was a super good turnout we got to bring our investigators and we think they really enjoyed it. This week was spring break so we were teaching Merle and Nina. Nina is a recent convert. Every time we go over we have to have ice cream and we all know that's my weakness.. so we had a little ice cream date. Earlier in the week she asked if we could go to lunch :) I love that girl. We also taught Merle. He is doing soo good. we are praying that the new date for his baptism is for sure. He has soo much faith and every time he prayers he asks Heavenly Father "that [he] can get baptized soon" it melts my heart and testifies every time how much he loves this gospel. This week we've also been teaching our investigators Irene and Fernando we watched the Restoration and felt the spirit so strong in the lesson. We also have been working out a ton in our companionship, our Relief Society president teaches Zumba so we went to that. And we went to a cross fit workout this morning. The owner of the gym is LDS and he doesn't charge us but to make up for it, we told him we wanted to clean his gym. The Spanish sisters and us workout together when we can! Our ward boundaries are also about to change and i'm sad we know that we will be losing some people in the ward so it will said to see them go to another ward :( I hope everyone go to see the Easter  Initiative that the church put out! It's super awesome. The spirit is so strong when you watch it. If you haven't seen the video I would invite you to visit FollowHim

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families and if you weren't with them, hope you enjoyed your holiday.  I love celebrating Easter and studying the atonement of Jesus Christ. I've been studying it, using it, and loving the Savior more and more each day. How blessed are we all to have an Elder Brother who loved us enough to provide a way for us to return home to our father in heaven. This week as we celebrated Passover Thursday, Atoning Friday and Resurrection Sunday I was studying Jesus the Christ alongside of the days. What particular touched me was the example of Simon. Not the disciple but Simon who had been traveling into Jerusalem  for the Passover celebration. As the Savior took the grueling walk to Calvary after his body has suffered pain unimaginable to our minds. He was told to carry the cross to Calvary and he did. But because of the impatient of the soldiers Simon who the soldiers had met earlier was asked to carry it the rest of the way for the Savior. Now I'm sure then Simon did not fully comprehend what he did for the Savior in that very moment. But for us as his brothers and sisters who understand it is my  feeling that he represented each of us who love the savior. If I could have done anything for him it would have been to carry that cross for the Savior just that little way. Fully knowing that the brother we love had to carry out the mission he was sent to perform that moment that he received some relief while awaiting to  finish the task that laid before him.  I love the Savior and know that the love for each of us is eternal and open to each of us if we let him, and choose him. We can celebrate him each and everyday of our lives and we commit ourselves to becoming more like him. Being kind to those we come in contact with helping those we may just need someone to listen, and just giving someone a smile. If we love him we will love our brothers and sisters around us!  and one day we shall see him as he his (Moroni 7:48)

Have a great week everyone! :)

 All my love, 

Sister Cleveland

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