Monday, April 4, 2016

"Heaven is cheering you on Today Tomorrow and Forever!"

Everybody good news this week made me smile loved the emails :) 
Was Conference on Point or what?!

Those who know me well know that some of my favorite things are the following:
1. Basketball
2. Fruit Snacks
3. Ice Cream
4. Anything Elder Jeffrey R. Holland says..

Not in any specific order..that being said you know that I loved his conference talk.  One thing that we challenged our everyone that we knew this week to do was to write questions, pray and look for the answers. I know that for me I received soo many answers to prayers and questions on my heart. Conference is always a spiritual experience to find hope and peace. It is a strong testament that the lord loves all his children is mindful of all of us! I love that President Utchdorf said "the sheep is worthy of rescue simply because it is loved" If you haven't watched conference I would invite you to go back and watch it. It will invite the spirit into your life and provide peace and love from our heavenly father.

This week we had two phone calls from potential investigators that we're a surprise to us! Each potential asked to take the lessons and learn more about the church. Super happy about that we met with both of them this week. They both watched conference and im sure felt the same spirit that we all did. The weather has been perfect in Caldwell the flowers are blooming and its been in the high 70's. I'm loving it. This week we also visited a woman in our ward who is less active and has many health issues that we didn't know about. We had never actually met her. We went in between our session of conference on Saturday and when we went to visit she told us her story about her conversion. She does not have any family support in fact she said "they would be deeply upset to know I'm talking to you" As she spoke Heavenly Father love for her filled the room. Tears filled my eyes and I knew this is exactly the work the lord would have us to be doing. Missionary work is finding, baptizing, teaching but with one particular quality it can be magnified and that is charity. It brings to mind President Utchdorf's talk "He will Place You On His Shoulders and Carry You Home" Our Heavenly Father and Savior will always invite us we are the ones who choose whether to accept their love and help.  Even when we may choose the wrong path the way back to them is always there. We can choose to believe as Sister Oscarson said in conference. When we  believe these principles and teachings they build our faith and cause us to act which we come to  know them to be true. I love sharing the message of the Savior Jesus Christ. My testimony of who he is is in my personal life has grown tremendously. I know that he lives, I know he is the Christ.I know that he is mindful of the opposition, challenges and trials that come into our lives. Each is an opportunity to become more like him.  He cheers for us when we succeed and when joy enters our lives, Be Happy, Be faithful, Trust God. He will always be there to answer. Have a great week everyone!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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