Monday, June 20, 2016

Temple Blessings

Helloooooo from Nampa!

Happy Bleated Father's Day to all the Fathers our there who follow the example of the perfect example our Heavenly Father! Your love and divine calling has greater affect the you may see or believe.

So this week was awesome. 

Highlight was the temple trip on Thursday! It was amazing. So I'll just skip to that. To say that I believe that we are halfway already is crazy. So we celebrated with the temple the car rides, the photos, session, and the people were truly AMAZING. It was so special to go with president and sister cannon on there last temple trip taking missionaries as Mission President. I was so blessed to go with so many missionaries that I love and enjoy serving with as well as president and sister cannon and see so many people that I have served in my previous areas.The temple is always an amazing experience but to enhance it this time was the opportunity to take a family name to the temple my testimony of the eternal promises and importance of the family continues to be strengthen as I serve and especially in that beautiful opportunity to help my family who have passed through the veil.

This week we've had meetings upon meetings its been a little exhausting. But the area is good we picked up two new investigators this week and have tons of lessons scheduled for this week. We actually went to a house 12 times to track down an investigator it was crazy but we got an appt set up for this week so it should be good. Where we live is surrounded by fields we can roll down our window on the way home and smell the mint its awesome. We kinda live in the middle of no where though, and we can see everything. There is a huge lake we can see and everyone boating on i may be a little jealous because i miss my vitamin sea that im use too. We've been bless this week to visit and meet lots of people and for them to be interested in the church, a great source for us has been the Nashville Tribute Band concert that lots of people want to attend. Well its been a busy week, up to the same thing serving the lord. Best thing. Hope everyone is doing good.

On a super un-spiritual note- I showed up in church yesterday and some of the men though it was a sign that Cleveland was going to pull through and win last night.. and apparently it worked. guess ill be their favorite sister for now :)

Lots of Love, xoxo

Sister Cleveland

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