Monday, June 6, 2016

"It's getting Hot over Here.."

Hellooo Fam!

Honestly ever time I write out an email it feels like what happen this week happen a month ago time is so weird on the mission. So starting in the beginning of the week we were driving home and there was a man at a gas station the spirit told me "you need to go talk to him" so we kept driving and as we got further down the road i turned to my companions and told them and we kept driving.. (i know horrible missionary) finally I was like we need to go back! So I met Darryl he lives in Mountain Home and we started talking, I told him about the Book of Mormon and the testament it is of our Savior Jesus Christ. I invited him to read it and find out more. In the moments we were driving I was thinking about Darryl and how important it is to listen to promptings as they come. President Monson told us to "never delay a prompting." And I wonder what would have happen had I ignored the prompting I'm so glad I don't have to find out. I also thought about how much the mission has changed me 9 months ago It would have been super weird for me to walk up hand someone the book of mormon and tell them the spirit told me to come talk to you. I'm soo grateful that the lord magnifies the called and that sharing my testimony seems to flo more freely on my mission such a tremendous blessing. The promises found in D&C 33:10 are true if we open our mouths the lord will fill them with the things we need to share.

This week we had dinner with President and Sister Cannon it was super fun and of course we had to eat Ice Cream. We went on exchanges this week and I went with Hermana Vujich we had a grand time and I became an Aunt to Jamal. Elder Forgach son.. we ran into the zone leaders. And Jamal was riding in the back with no car seat. But he had his seat belt on! Our investigators are doing super good and Dan will be getting baptized this week and Francisca we are super excited for them. Dan is also getting married on Wednesday.. ( you know me and weddings love them!) i'll make sure to take tons of pictures. We had our first lesson with out investigator Hayden this week on the restoration and it was sooo good. She asked so many deep questions and super funny comments about church and the church she goes too. She said:

"When you got your mission call were you "low key" disappointed? Cause ID SUCKS.."
"I love your temples.. Boise is beautiful.. but Rexburg isnt your best work"

Also, this week we found some interesting treasures at the church.. (check out the pics)

We celebrated Memorial Day with a fun family in the elders ward and of course had to get matching shirts we played an intense tournament of "Z Ball" we were so pumped and won our first game and then lost the next so we went in to the loser bracket :( it was good while it lasted. Hah the work is going well, Idaho is getting warmer everyday but i'll survive i got my otter pops and lotion! 

Have a great week everyone! 

All my Love, 
Sister Cleveland

Trio Tag: The past is my experience, the present is my responsibility, and the future is my challenge." - Joseph Forkpah

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