Monday, June 27, 2016

You Can Be the Difference

This week has truly been a tremendous blessings. We picked two new investigators last week and have been teaching them so much this week. One investigator we have aught everyday. This week we are getting a new mission president and on Tuesday we had a leadership training meeting and it was the last time we were able to see President and Sister Cannon. I'm so grateful for the love they have showed me and the patience as we as missionaries have stumbled and have struggled. They have been wonderful mission parents. They love all the missionaries so purely and have been a tremendous example to me. They have helped mold the mission that i desire to serve truly teaching us the importance of getting the gospel in side of us! and serving to be righteous children of god.

We have been teaching Greggor and Swayzee this week. They have baptismal dates for next week and we are soooo excited. Greggor is ten and has a heart of gold. His parents are not active in the church right now and they sadly are not together anymore. Greggor's grandparents are in our ward and he is staying with them for a four weeks. We had a month to teach him and prepare him for baptism. We found out this week that Greggor's parents weren't very excited for him to be baptized and we started to worry. Sister Olson and I decided we were going to fast on behalf of their families. And I had such an interesting experience fasting yesterday.. We were in church and we've been working so hard this week just trying to fit everything in the hours we have and by the time i go to bed I'm exhausted. And we woke up and i'm just tired but I was going to fast for Greggor and I'm sitting in church my eyes are drooping from not having much energy and that little boy walks by us to leave the chapel and smiles and waves at us. And I immediately thought this is who you are doing this for.. and the scripture Matthew 10:39 and I thought how important it is to lose yourself in the work and to the lord. I know that I losing who  who I think I am and desiring everyday to find the lords children and help them to feel of the saviors love to them. Me being tired and fasting isn't a big deal but in that moment when Greggor walked by me I knew that this mission was the lords and that everyday if i'm willing and I want to and am obedient I can be his hands. I can lose myself and do everything I can for the people in Nampa Idaho. We had a lesson with greggor last night and his grandparents told us that his parents were not too happy he was getting baptized and we taught about fasting and fast offerings that night. His grandparents suggested that for greggors first fast we fast for his parents hearts to be softened. Greggor agreed even though he told us giving up food is hard for him.  So next week we will fast for Greggor's parents. This morning we got a call from his grandma saying that they would like the baptism to be a different day, and Greggor's father and mother are supportive.  Tender Mercy. Miracle #2 this week.

Miracle #1 We were fasting yesterday and had a lesson with one of our investigators Kahbrea and the missionaries said her mom never lets people in the house. And our last appointment she cancelled. We've gone to visit at ton one time 12 times in one day NO LIE! One day she saw us walking up to her door and we turned and her white van was backing up in the middle of the street and left the neighborhood. Its been super hard.WE set an appt for after church and we came to the door and SHE LET US IN and we taught Kahbrea and her mom. We asked Kahbrea if she wanted to be baptized.. she looked at her mom and back at us and said YES! later that day we were trying to visit a less active and no luck. Sister Olson had a prompting to visit a woman in our ward who we had tried and tried so many times and she never answers the door. We rang the doorbell.. no answer. We knocked and nothing.  I was turning around and the door opened. She let us in and we talked and then she just broke down and talked about how hard of a time she's been having and how grateful she is that we stopped by.. she knew immediately that she needed a blessing. Tears in all of our eyes and I shared this thought with her from Hebrew 10:35 &39. We can not lose our confidence in the lord, walk by faith trust the promises of the savior believe him  DO NOT "Draw Back" our heavenly father will not forsake us. He is mindful of each of us and our personal heartaches, desires, and triumphs. I know this with everything in my soul! Everyday this week as we prepared for bed and pleaded with the lord for help from heaven we were blessed to see these miracles and so much more. Going to bed knowing that you did all you could for the savior that day is one of the best feelings!

Have a great week everyone :)

Sister Cleveland

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