Monday, July 11, 2016

America' ,Exchanges, Baptisms, Miracles

Hey everyone :)

This week we started off celebrating 'Merica which was super umm less exciting than usually but that's because we are missionaries. haha  Still we had fun with the family we live with painting and watching fireworks from the deck it was a good night. It was actually a little weird since we had curfew and were in by six that night i was slightly bummed we couldn't go out and work but its all good. The next day we had tons of prep for the baptisms this weekend and the adversary was working super hard on one of the families that we are working with. We had changed the baptism place and time so many times and we trying to get approval from the parents to have the baptism. It was a mess and lots of contention was going on those few days. Sister Olson and I prayed and fasted super hard this week and waited upon the Lord. We also had interviews with our mission president this week which went super well he told us his goals for the mission and invited us to be exactly obedient there are always areas we can improve upon and i took that challenge my companion and i have been working on leaving lessons on time, and getting home exactly when we need to be. Preparation for the baptisms this week was a little stressful baptism week is always a little crazy but I'm grateful for that craziest because it means the Lord work continues to move forward. 

We had exchanges this week with my girl Sister Zitting sista since the MTC and (proud member of the trio) we had a grand time and had so much success. It was awesome. It was pretty much having a mission sleepover with one of you best friends. We went tracking on Saturday and we were just laughing down the street trying to make tracking fun quoting movies, and we decided to knock on a door or two kidding we knocked on tons and got rejected plenty of times BUT there ones the one.. (side note: those of you who have seen a Cinderella story remember the scene when its the last quarter and Austin in about to catch the snap and he looks over at the sideline and his dad is saying "This is the one Austin, this is the one!!") We knock and hit it off with Elena right away were laughing and sharing stories. We start talking to her about our purpose and missionaries. She told us that Jehovah Witnesses always come and never leave them alone. She and her husband having been trying different churches and they are really trying to find a church to belong to because times are getting crazy so we invite her to church which is the next day and she says YES! Sister Zitting and I were like What?!? I was defiantly in shock..  You hear about these tracting experiences but never would I think it would happen to us... hah So we are in church yesterday and Sister Olson and I were ask to speak on the power of scripture study. I didn't see Elena before church and figured she wasn't going to come. It was a rainy morning and maybe decided to sleep in. I get up to speak and start "preaching" (kidding.. slightly) and i look over to the left side of the chapel in the back is Elena and her husband.. like MIND- BLOWN! You know people always say us they'll come to church but she actually came and the best part was everyone in the ward came up to her and talked to her and her husband and were super friendly and she said we could come over this week and teach her and her husband. Huge Miracle. 

The baptisms this week we everything. We were only able to attend Swayzee's because Greggors was at the same time. We should have split but didn't.. But Swayzee's The spirit was so strong and the emotion from the family was beautiful. we were able to run over to greggors after and take a picture with him. Such a tender mercy that I'm blessed to be apart of so many lives and meet so many people who have such a desire to "come unto Christ and be perfected in him." Each baptism comes that spiritual confirmation that there is nothing I could be doing right now that would bring me and our heavenly father so much joy. 

This week I've been thinking about this awesome article I read about improving our personal prayers everyone should read it here! I have been thinking about the purpose of real intent and how we ask our investigators to pray with real intent.. as i have been studying this throughout the week we when petition our heavenly father for spiritual gift s or assistance the question came to my mind "What will you do when you get it?" I have been trying to be better as I have been praying to take the time to think before I say my personal prayers and to really prepare to speak with my heavenly father. I have seen the difference and i would invite you all to do the same.  Lie it says in Alma 37:37 "Counsel with the lord." It will make a huge difference in your week.

Have a great week everyone. 

Lots of love from Idaho,

xo Sister Cleveland

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