Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Helloooo everyone!

Another wonderful week in the mission field. This week we got a new mission president and had an awesome meeting with him. President Sorenson & Sister Sorenson already love this missionaries its awesome and it was super good to talk to them.

This week was a little all over the place which kept us busy. We continue to work with Swayzee and Greggor and they are going to get baptized this week. We are super excited for them. Things are coming together nicely and I know there families are super proud of them. Its been dreadfully hot this week at one point it was 111 degrees i'm defiantly working on staying hydrated during the week i have to say i miss the humidity for sure.
 This week we've been doing some contacting with past referrals and ran into a man named Sampson and had such a great gospel discussion with him. I couldn't stopped thinking about the conversation we had. He said that he's studied at a bible college and researched about the Mormon faith and kind of felt bad that we didn't know our own religion it was funny. But  it made me think where is our source for truth and light? do we rely on the words of google and search engines? Or do we follow the example of Joseph Smith who had a sincere desire and went to the source of truth and light - Our heavenly father. I've been thinking as I have been able to teach people on the mission each lesson we have is to prepare myself bring the spirit into the lesson.. because there is no denying the spirit. If they are going to push it away they are going to reject it having felt the influence of the spirit and hearing his truth. But many people don't ask for themselves and that's the key.. you can listen to anyone who is writing articles or creating podcasts, even missionaries, but if you truly desire to know if you want to know the truth for yourself you must ask the right source. You will hear or see many examples of members of the church but you can truly know the truth of what you hear through real intended to act upon the answer you receive. So if you really want to know and are willing to act upon your answer i'd invite you to ask for yourself.. I promise you will receive an answer. 

This week we went on exchanges with my old companionship. They are awesome and it was super good to exchange with them to learn from each other and grow. I was with Sister Chevalier and it was great to be with her again and in my old area. I love being able to serve the sisters.

Lots of random pics. Hope you all have a great holiday.

Much Love, 

Sister Cleveland

1. Sister Zitting and Elder Skipper MTC dayzz 
2. Exchanges with Sister Chevalier
3. I mowed that lawn.. not perfect but grass is shorter :)
4.Fourth of July packages from wonderful people who i love!!
5. Hot Days in Nampa
6. Sister Olson and I
7. Sunday Patriotic outfit I had a red bow in my hair to top it off :) 
8.Fourth of July packages from wonderful people who i love!! (again)

9. Trio Love <3

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