Monday, July 18, 2016

The CTR 6 Squad

Hey everyone :)

Hope you all had a great week. We've been trying to get a lot of the referrals we had from our tracking blitz this week and tried to teach Aleena about our purpose as messengers of the truth. The only problem was that she was very intoxicated :( She opened up to us about alcohol addiction and how she was suppose to be entering rehab that weekend. She and her husband George have and could hear them of course i didn't tell her that the next day. We ended up finishing the "lesson" by giving her a book of Mormon to read while she was in rehab. It was quite an interesting experience to say the least. You have those prayers you offer that you will be led to the people who the lord has prepared and you find them and often time they are broken down and you see how much the gospel can help them if they will just turn their  will over to heavenly father and trust him. It's easier said then done but i have seen the beginning and ending of this investigators and the ending is far more beautiful then they could have imagined. We asked Aleena why she thought we were there she answered "God sent you". That is the truth the Lord loves his children everyday in the mission field yet alone in our own lives there is  evidence that the Lord loves his children. Often times our prayers but also the prayers of our family and friends are answered by a simple invitation to come unto the Good Shepard. Aleena and George came to church on Sunday ( no rehab yet) and everyone in church is soo good with welcoming them. This week we taught Kahbrea who is super sweet and we were able to set a baptism date for her for next transfer. This week we also went to Sister Gilman and Sister Canary's  Ward pioneer activity. It was super fun and good to do it with all the sisters that serve in our zone . This Sunday we were asked to teach the CTR6 class and in the middle of my speak on how "Choosing the Right brings Happiness" one of the little girls asks "Are you a mother?" I replied "No why..?" she said "You seem like one!"  haha It was super cute :)  but still will be interesting my third trio on the mission.. well hope everyone has a good week and are watching everything Olympic for me!  #Rio2016

All My Love,

xo Sister Cleveland

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