Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey everyone :)

This week went super fast. It was crazy I'll just skip to the good parts ;)
Last week we met Judy while tracting she's Nazarene and likes to learn. So we went back this week and taught her more about temples and families. She asked a ton of questions and when we answered many of her responses were "I'd be darn". He second husband passed away two years ago so talking about the blessings of the temple really caught her interest. She had some many questions spring forth from that topic, we started talking about the plan of salvation, the restoration, the atonement, and repentance something from every lesson that we teach it was crazy. We weren't expecting that to happen but it was awesome the spirit was there and when we finished talking because we were late for dinner she said she felt "enlighten" and I knew the spirit was working on her heart. 

We had exchanges with the Spanish sisters that we serve. So earlier this week i headed back to Caldwell to spend a day Spanish speaking it was fun. I was with Sister La Luz she is such a diligent missionary and loves the lord.  We had tons of moments when the unexpected happened and she would start to get  discouraged and we knelt and prayed I loved hearing her pour her heart out to god. It was a good reminder for me. We also had exchanges with Nampa Spanish and Sister Nichols came to our area. We had a good time laughing and working. She has a spunky personality and wants to teach people about the gospel. we were able to go see Aleena and Jorge had a super good lesson with them about the church and it's role. Aleena wants to go help at the church orchard and the ward asked Jorge to teach the youth some soccer  skills. They asked about activities that they can come too and we are doing our best to immerse them in. The only thing is they didn't come to church AGAIN. All the people who were are teaching or trying to wont keep their commitments.
JUST COME TO CHURCH.. hah It's so hard every Sunday to wait and wait and they don't show up. But we keep praying and teaching and hoping every Sunday. School just started back up so no more summer vacations for people so hopefully they start coming to church.

We had a fun surprise at church we saw Greggor :) our recent convert who lives in Coeur d'laine! He was down visiting for his aunt's son baby blessing. So we got to see him and he said he missed me and he got my letter I wrote him. He's so cute I love him. We also had zone conference this week which was good. It was in Meridian so we got to go to the Meridian Temple afterward. Its getting there. Its super big! Glad we got to see it.

Speaking of temples if you are reading this and not a member of our faith I would invite you this week to go tour the new Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple right in our backyard. It's located on 1789 Vine Street. You can go inside and get a tour and ask questions to missionaries just like me! And if you don't want to go alone just contact my parents I'm sure they'll go with you :)
Don't miss your chance you learn some pretty cool things about why temples are so important in our faith, why we build so many, and the beauty of eternal families. Go Check it Out!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Much Love from Idaho

Sister Cleveland 

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