Monday, September 26, 2016

“I Hope to See you Guys There”

Hey Everyone!

   Hope you all had a good week. I'll fill you in on some highlights from the week. We had some super good experiences and we had some rough experiences. This week one of our investigators who is Nazarene dropped us.. she is our "banana bread lady" we love her! But, she told us she's comfortable where she is. And we have come to find so many people who are just comfortable.. nothing pushing them to move forward. The people we have come across don't want to change because they don't believe that they Can or should. Heavenly Father invites us to accept his invitations and to act. And people we have come across are so scared they push it away. 

       This week we have taught the principle of agency over and over again. and we are "free to choose liberty and eternal life through the great Mediator of all Men" We are all free to choose everyday. That is so hard as a missionary to know and understand the power of agency and know that sometimes all you can do is leave your witness. That is something that I have striving to be better at is leaving my witness with this people. I never want to be told you didn't tell me.. I know that as we bear witness and testify of these principles of the gospel and importantly the Savior Jesus Christ through which all these things are possible that those seeds will be planted and someone will come along again to teach her and many others that we come across.

     We had a lesson with Felicity this week that had me in tears. We taught about the Kingdoms of Glory. As we taught about the Celestial Kingdom we told her that you get a gift in that Kingdom- to live with our Heavenly Father forever. As we told her these things the excitement was clearly evident on her face. As we taught her about the Celestial Kingdom it reminded us about what many apostles have said; that the gospel is so simple a child can understand. After we taught Felicity she said I hope I see you guys there (speaking of the Celestial Kingdom) and I thought shouldn't that be our hope for everyone that we meet. I think of the promise in Mosiah 2:41 we can dwell with our father in heaven and enjoy never ending happiness. I know that our heavenly father loves us that he wants us all to return to him. Felicity closed the lesson with a pray because she loves to pray. She paused during the pray to tell us she was going to ask god a question. In the humility of a child she asked if he could forgive for the things she had done in the past weeks that she knew were wrong. She finished her prayer and closed. I got on my knees looked her in the eyes and promised her that Heavenly Father heard her prayer and loves her. Sunday we had testimony meeting, and that morning the family that was suppose to pick up Felicity and her brother didn't so we needed to find another ride in between our ward council meetings. We found one super last minute. As the children were bearing their testimonies during sacrament meeting, Felicity said "I have a testimony but I'm scared." After some sweet talk from my companion she got up there and bore her testimony to the ward. It was super cute and in the words of an eight year old; it was truly pure in heart testimony.  

  I am a witness of that our Father in Heaven loves us, he hears our prays and knows of our desires and struggles. He knows each of us individually and by name. His love in infinite, that he would send his perfect son to show us the way and to be the way to return him. He truly is the Christ as Peter said... "No man can receive that witness but through the spirit." I hope we all yearn as Felicity to live with our Father in Heaven again no matter what sacrifices or changes need to be made, for never-ending happiness is the reward.

Hope everyone had a good week!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

1. Exchanges with Hermana Rosales she is from Lima Peru :)
2. Exchanges with Hermana Marin she is from SLC! She's been out for 3 weeks!
3. My new Harry Potter Wand pencil someone in our ward made its awesome :)

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