Monday, October 3, 2016


Hey everyone!

It's October! It's crazy and the first week of October always means General Conference which is always exciting. But before I get to that, we had a good week in the area. We set tons of appointments for this week and invited a few people to take the lessons and they accepted. 

We've spent much time tracting this week which gave us the opportunity to testify and invite people. Tracting has become one of my favorite things to do its not as effective as member referrals but its still a finding tool that we use. This week we had a lesson with Felicity, she has been struggling a little bit we've had to have some serious talks with our eight year old friend. On Tuesday she told us she had to tell us her secret which was that she had a boyfriend since 'Kinder". We were trying to keep straight faces during this… her mom's face was quite funny.  You know little kids the smallest things eggs them on so Felicity proceeded to tell us that "Jesus gave me this opportunity" and that "God said go find a boyfriend and I took the opportunity and did" by this point Sister Hickmott and I are dying inside. I turn to her and told her at least she understands what it means to be obedient… (a principle she was struggling with). Felicity had a tough week listening to her parents and doing things she shouldn't so we had a “talk” mixed in with a lesson. We taught her that being a disciple of Jesus Christ is in words and in actions. I think that she has a deeper understanding of that now. It's hard when she is being taught one thing and sees another but we love her and continue to teach her. 

General Conference was awesome and it went by too fast… we were able to watch it with one of our investigators at a members house which was awesome. She is their neighbor and they invited her for breakfast and to watch the first session. They were very eager to teach her about everything which was awesome any questions Marie had except for one or two was answered by this family. Ultimately she decided to take the lessons which was awesome. It caused me to reflect on the Saturday Afternoon Session of Conference which was directed in a sense to missionary efforts. Which naturally, I loved! It was awesome to see these members follow the counsel from conference. 

 One of the talks that really stuck out to me was  K.Brett Nattress he said "The gospel is truly about the ONE" I LOVED THAT! Each one of us are becoming one with the savior and thought how beautiful is that. Even if the atonement had to be performed for just one it would have. Each of us have a personal journey to come to exercise faith in him, follow him, serve him and believe him as Elder Bednar beautifully taught. Often times we focus so much on believing in him we forget its just as important to believe him. Believe all that he is, "Believe Christ specifically and personally". Elder Cornish talk gave an inspiring and uplifting message that we can make it back to our father in heaven. We can keep progressing and growing. We must only compare our present to our past and hold on to the commandments heavenly father has given us. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for us which was beautifully taught by our prophet and many other leaders. We are here on this earth to have joy… the plan of salvation was created that all men might return to him and feel changed and sanctified in his presence. Often times I think we neglect to realize just how much we are being rooted for and cheered for on the other side. Many people shake their heads and mutter about the perilous times in front of us but it is also the fullness of times, the gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth, his church has been restored, and his priesthood power is on the earth as well, our loving father in heaven needs his children to stand up and live the gospel. I know as Lehi did of old that the gospel has "filled my soul with exceedingly great joy… I [have become] desirous that [all his children] should partake of it also" The Church has been restored and it is on the earth once again. 

If you missed some of conference or are reading this and don't know much about LDS General Conference head over here…

Have a great week everyone :)

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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