Monday, October 24, 2016

Members and Missionaries Working Together

Hey Everyone :)

I can't believe that the week is over that was fast! This week we've been working so hard to get to know the ward that we just got and things seem to be going well. We are working with four investigators in that ward and we are so excited to be on there journey. We finally got permission to teach some boys in our ward whose mom is less active and we are excited the ward has been FANTASTIC at stepping up and fellow-shipping them. We truly have seen blessings from member missionary work in our areas. We had the primary program in all three of our wards yesterday the kids were cute! Our favorite part was when a little got up to take her turn and her teacher tried to help her and she screamed in the microphone "I got it" she proceeded to say her line and then screamed "DONE!" everyone in the ward cracked up. We had a trunk or treat in one ward and two coming up this week. It's an awesome activity to get less actives out to, and recent convert, and non members. We've been pushing for people to invite their friends. We're hoping for an awesome turn out. 

This week we had awesome lesson with a Part Member Family Natasha and Aaron. Aaron has been searching for an answer to whether Joseph Smith is a prophet or not. He has a desire to become a member and to enter into that covenant. I was reflecting on Conference there were many talks on prayer one stuck out to me Sister McConkie.. "If we expect to receive, we must ask, seek, and knock. In his search for truth,Joseph Smith read from the scriptures, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” In answer to his prayer of faith, the heavens were opened. God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, descended in glory and spoke to Joseph Smith,ushering in the dispensation of the fullness of times. For us, miraculous healing,powerful protection, divine knowledge, liberating forgiveness, and precious peace are among the answers that come when we offer up a “soul’s sincere desire” in faith."  The lord knows the desires of our hearts and if we will ask in faith and share that with him he will direct our paths for good.

We also are working with Angela still.. she is so close to baptism. We found out at our lessons last night that her mom wants her to wait till she's 18 to get baptized. We are hoping that the lord will soften her heart if it's his will. If not we have talked to Angela about trusting the timing of the lord. He knows all things, and when they should happen.

Our ward had a baptism this week. We've been teaching Felicity and it has been a great blessing. She was able to be baptized and confirmed and she had  tons of support from her family and the ward. Her family is not very active but they were supportive of her decision. She doesn't have the easiest road ahead but she has an amazing ward family who pick her and her brother up for church, she has great activity day leaders and they will be a huge help in the roads again.

I've truly gained a huge testimony of the importance of how the lord set up his church. Each calling from Bishop to Nursery Leader is importance in building the saints and helping his children around the world. I know that we each play an importance part in building up the ward and being strengthen by each other. I have loved how some of our wards have responded to the call given in conference to help our brothers and sisters come unto Christ. I have seen many miracles pop up in this area, as we have thrusted in the sickle, and digged and worked with the members to help the ward to grow. I'm so excited for the changes that will come in the next 5 weeks for this area and the people in the area. 

I love this video by Elder Holland about our personal journey's withe Savior! everyone should check it out!

Have a good week :)

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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