Monday, October 10, 2016

The Next Step

Hey everyone :)

Hope you all had a great week. The seasons are changing here mornings are a little bit darker and I'm pretty sure I heard Christmas music the other day! Things are going well in Nampa. This week was super busy for us we had three exchanges with the sisters, a zone conference with Elder Foster from the Seventy and awesome lessons in our area.

Some Fun Things this Week; We got a flat tire on our way to Kuna for exchanges, who got out to change it?  this girl <--- thanks to many times in college teaching me, exchanges with my trainer Sis. Rivers, Maverick cookies for old time sake! Exchanges with Sister Latu its always good to be with her we saw so many miracles!! 

We had an awesome Zone Conference with Elder Foster. We discussed how we can be better messengers of the truth, the blessings of improving the messenger in the area and missions that we serve in.   We discussed the vision we feel the lord has for our mission. There were many things that were taught to me through the spirit. Often times I have just a pure moment when my thoughts wonder, to “How I got here?”, “What have I done to be the best missionary I can be?” and “What am I willing to do to be better?”. The motivation to become better comes often from the sweet spiritual witness that a loving heavenly father has set me apart, entrusted and helped  to carry me through my mission that I might "[cry] repentance unto this people and bring save it be one soul unto [him]" maybe even if it is my own. I have learned that a loving father in heaven infinitely loves all his children. Sometimes we hear it SOO much, but do you feel it? Do you understand the faith the father has in you? Do you feel the prayers that are offered on your behalf? We can… We ALL CAN!  As the lords’ servant set apart and called at this time I have come to understand how much inviting and acting upon the spirit as a missionary  means everything whether it plants a seed or helps someone to enter the waters of baptism for a remission of sins that one day that may stand before the father and be able to live with him again. It all matters and it's all part of his wonderful plan of happiness. 

I have been thinking about the question "What's the next step?" I think we face that question when it comes to education, occupations, where to live, relationships there are so many things that we asked that question for. I've been thinking how often do we ask “What is our next step in our spirituality?” When we choose to follow the path of discipleship we may come to a point where it is necessary to ask this question. “What is my next step?” As we have been working with less active members, recent converts in our area we have focused on what the next our heavenly father would have for them… as we were sitting in a lesson it was so clear the next step heavenly father wanted us to teach this sister and her children. As we sat and taught her about this wonderful blessing of the gospel we invited her to study and pray and ask heavenly father if that was right for her. The blessing of the gospel is there is always a next step whether you are the newest convert or the oldest member. Some next steps may be an ordinance that hasn't been been received yet, a calling which you may be hesitate to accept, a service opportunity that you may think is really hard to find time for, or it may be a stronger emphasis on having family council, or family home evening. It may be a decision to simply turn to your father in heaven in pray even though it has been a long time so you last took some time to direct our thoughts to him, it may be the decision to gather your family and spend time together, or it may be the decision to rejoice in the spirit at a church, it may be that you act upon a desire to know truth. There always will be a next step and when we are determined to follow the Savior he will help to find the next step for us in our lives. I would invite you to pray what is the lord's next step for you. 

Have an awesome week everyone!!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland 

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