Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Week of Miracles

From 4-26:  This has been such an amazing week words can not describe the past events that occurred other than- MIRACLE. I always talk about the tender mercies of the lord, and it has been amazing to experience those.  This week all the promises that have been promised to me through the spirit and blessing have been fulfilled. This has been one of the most touching weeks of my life. Deciding to go on a mission has been the biggest decision in my life. It has been a journey of so much love, patience, listening to the spirit, and growth. This week has truly been a week of miracles.

Tuesday-  I started the day off with a prayer per usually and prayed that I would have a good day. I knew that i would have an interview that day. I wanted to start off with the spirit and have a a smooth day. It definitely happen it was a great day and my interview with the stake president with the scheduled for 5:15. So i was just waiting it out until then. Around 3:15 i think i received a phone call from my stake president saying that he had an opening around 4 to meet. I jumped on the opportunity. I literally changed my outfit like 3 times, took the deepest breaths possible. Finally left and went to the interview. I couldn't believe it was all happening. It was the most amazing interview filled with the spirit and i felt my worthiness declared and my stake president and i shared our testimonies. I left with my heart full. Cried from happiness. My papers were submitted that night.

Wednesday-  My mission papers were received by missionary headquarters and they went through and were ready for assignment

Thursday or Friday-  My assignment was made!

Friday- My parents made the trip down here to visit for our multicultural luau. We went to dinner and after a very sweet conversation they both gave me there support on my decision to serve a mission. 

Saturday- I found out around midnight that my call had been assigned. After stalking the website to sign into ldsmail. (I checked Thursday and Friday and couldn't get in because I "was not a full time missionary") later on to check Saturday night and it had been assigned. I doubled checked to see if I could get into missionary portal and sure enough I could.

Sunday- Sunday night I'm sitting here writing this blog post and my phone starts ringing its the Secretary in the Stake Presidency. He tells me President Brotherson would like me to speak in conference on Sunday, on preparing to serve a mission and listening and seeking the lords promptings. it just topped the week off to be asked to testify of the blessings of this process.

It has been such a beautiful journey and this week has truly been a week of miracles. I am grateful for the love of the lord and the knowledge that he knows us individually and is aware of our concerns and needs. I'm grateful for his love for me. I know that God hears and will always answer our prayers!

The text message every missionary waits for :)

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