Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Waiting for My Call

Waiting for my call was dreadful.. 

Except for the fact that it came super fast 

so I really shouldn't complain

every prospective missionary will tell you

no matter how fast it comes it seems long

but i knew it was coming Monday morning

i felt it.

I had an 8 am final that morning so thank goodness

 i wasn't just watching the clock all day

except i knew what time the mailman came a

and I was ready

i was showered dress ready to go as soon my phone rang. one of my closest friends was working the mail center at the time so had her call me as soon as she saw my call. The call finally came and I raced downstairs, picked up my sister and two friends who wanted to come with me to pick it up the car couldn't move faster.

I ran to the door literally on campus running

it was there in my hands my call.

The angels were singing hallelujah

best moment so far.

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