Monday, November 2, 2015

"Did I dooo that?"

Hey Everyone!

This week we had a couple fun experiences!

We were driving to a less active house and while were driving we passed an old woman raking her leaves. Her back was hunched and she looked like she had been out for awhile. We kept driving and I turned to my companion and said stop! She laughed and I told her we needed to turn around. We ended up turning around and my companion said "What are you going to say to her?" and I replied "I'm gonna ask her if she needs help" So I hoped out of the car and my companion followed and I ask her if she needed help she declined at first but I convinced her. So I raked leaves while my companion talked to her. Skirts and boots and all. When I finished she preceded to tell us about her life in Idaho and how she has been widowed for over 30 years. She's a gem and her name is Hazel June. (which I love) We didn't share message (don't worry we thought about it) but we did get a reminder that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and that he would have done exactly that. The best part was that on Sunday at church a member who had lived on that street told us that they saw us and were appreciative. We were just grateful to live up to the call that we have been given.

The second experience was with a less active who we have been trying to get to come to church for awhile now. We ended up visiting her because she bailed on us once again and told her that if she wasn't in sacrament meeting we'd come pick her up after for relief society and Sunday school. we also taught the importance of attending church and how it can bless our week and lives. She promised this week she'd be there. And sure enough she was. We were so excited. After church she talked about how good she felt even though it was a little uncomfortable at first. She even plans to come to the activities coming up this week!. 

Lastly was sweet KJ he is not a member but comes to church with his friends. He is eight. and loves the gospel so much. last night we got a go ahead from the bishop to begin teaching him the discussions! The bishop met with his dad and the dad is willing to let KJ get baptized and even said we could teach in there home. We are super pumped. KJ bore his testimony this week and said even though his family doesn't come to church he knows that the people who bring him to church is his family too. He melts my heart.

Also, because I cant help being a teacher one of the members asked me to help her daughter study for a test while we were over. She had tons of stuff going on and was swamped. we told her we could do dishes or whatever but she asked for me to help her daughter study. her name is Nicole and is awesome. She is in 6th grade but is at a 8 year old level and doesn't have very good fine motor skills. She just learned how to tie her shoes. She is a doll and I love seeing her at church! We studied that night and I told her what questions to go over before she went to bed. Her mom texted us and told us she got a 97% we were so happy for her!

Sorry its so late. We were in Nampa,ID all day today and got back pretty late. Anyway I hope everyone had a awesome Halloween. We were in by six due to President Cannon's instructions for the mission. I dressed up my comp did not :( (she's lame) and we carved pumpkins and passed out candy for about two hours. We watched 17 miracles which I balled my eyes out through, such a great message of what we are willing to do to draw closer to the gospel of Jesus Christ! Hope everyone has a good week! Thanks for all the letters and packages this week! :) 

P.S- I think my Urkel costume was one of the best costumes I've ever worn!

All my Love,

Sister Cleveland 

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