Monday, November 23, 2015

Where Did the Week Go?!

Hey Everyone!

We've had one Heck of a week! I don't even know where to begin?! We got our first snow fall and it was kinda pathetic but we still went out to see it! It's definitely cold here in Idaho this morning it was 29 degrees when we left the house. Its just something you get use to, but the elders are still running around in shorts. This week we went tracting it was cold to say the least, we didn't have much luck but we'll be at it again tomorrow. It nice to get out of our car and walk around even if it is cold outside. We also had Zone Conference this week and the sisters from McCall there are four of them came down to stay with us so they didn't have to get up early and drive. Missionary Sleepovers are way fun. Six sisters in an apartment and 1 bathroom I'll have stories for days. Part of the trio was together and that's trouble waiting to happen Sister Sorenson and I are already embracing our Griswold Christmas and chatted all night. We had a fun time talking and laughing, the next day was zone conference and we all had to prepare a 5-min talk on "What would the Savior do?" Our Conference was a "Fast and Feast" and all the missionaries had begun their fasts the previous night and were fasting through the meeting. It was a great conference. I had prepared my talk and was confident that I wouldn't have to give it.. I mean 60 missionaries the chances of me speaking are pretty slim. But I was wrong and President Cannon walked up to me after a break and asked me to speak.  It went well and I answered the question he had given us by teaching about compassion from Mark 1:41 and Mark 9:22-24. I think it went well,  its nerve racking speaking in front of  missionaries who have been out longer than you! But conference was great overall!

Later that day the sisters from McCall had left, and we were out the door and they texted us that they were on their way back they couldn't get back home because it was snowing pretty hard and the roads were bad. So we had a sleepover round two. Popcorn and a movie is what we did after we finished our appointments for the day. I made all the sisters breakfast the next morning and we all left and were off to continue another day of missionary work. It was super fun to have the sisters come stay with us for sure! 

I also had my first adventure with sewing my own clothes. I made some Christmas flannel pajamas that seemed like they took forever but it was really fun! We got to sew with a less active member and chatted with her kids while we were, we found out they are interested in raising their children in the church. It was a fun experience overall. We're still teaching the boys and they have so much energy sometimes its hard to reel it all in. They had great lesson ideas and we taught one about the Plan of Salvation (or Happiness) and he asked if his friend was going to be in the Celestial Kingdom with him. It melted my heart! His mom told him if he was a good example that his friend would be! We've been visiting some of the sisters from the nursing home. We go and teach there every week. Cheryl and Betty are our favorites and they always remind us of our importance and they put a smile on our faces. We have had a great week and we are always busy. I'm super grateful to be a missionary and the love that the Lord has poured out to me and the people here in Payette. We went to a missionary farewell of a family who is sending out their first missionary they are beyond thrilled. He spoke in church and he has a stutter. He said he never knew if he would be able to serve a mission. In his talk he said that his grandpa told him the lord gave him his stutter because he new he would overcome it. It was a great reminder that the lord can use us as instruments if we are willing, we do not have to be perfect but as long as we are willing he can do great things with us.

Each and everyday I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary to testify and share my love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.It is a blessing to carry the message of a living Savior into the world and the blessing to do the work along so many awesome missionaries. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving and remember that we can be grateful in all circumstances of our life no matter good or bad. Have an awesome week! 

All my Love,

Sister Cleveland

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