Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for all the prayers and emails! I love reading them!

This week we started off with a service project helping a less active move to another house. We were packing and moving things which didn't take to long. We also met her dad and were able to talk to them for awhile. It's always nice wearing a name-tag because people recognize you! Later we went to make some sugar cookies and rice krispies over a members house and that was super fun. It's also fun to get people recipes here that i love, like one woman in the ward makes fresh cranberry salsa which is delicious! (Shout out to Sister Youngberg :) We ended up taking the cookies to people we taught and some members in the ward. 

Thanksgiving was a treat! We ate at three different homes, it was super fun to be with the families! It was hard  the last dinner because we were so stuffed. But we are so grateful for the wards and their willingness to feed the missionaries. I love the wards we are serving in :) My companion ended up getting sick this week so I've been tramped in the apartment for two days.. (hardly seeing sunlight) just kidding. But we've been in the house the past two days. It was not fun at all.  It is more fun doing missionary work. I was getting restless and my companion asked me if I wanted to visit people while she sat in the car. I almost took her up on the offer. I'm ready to hit the ground this week we've got tons of people we need to see so hopefully she gets better soon! 

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving :)

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland 

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