Monday, November 9, 2015

Its Transfer Week!!!

Hello Everyone!!

My second transfer has begun and my companion and I will be staying in Payette for the next 5 weeks! It's been a pretty odd ball week. But it was another week of strengthening our testimonies and helping others come unto Christ. This week we went on Splits with some of the Ward Mission Leaders and it went really well. Some of the women we got to visit were open to having us and we were able to share a message with them! We continue to work with the ward members helping to fellowship the in-actives and build the ward. We are continually seeing the fruits of our labors and getting more in-actives to attend church and activities.

We are beginning to teach a new family and are preparing three investigators for baptism. The work in Payette continues to grow. We also went on companion exchanges this week which was a great blessing because I was able to learn from my Sister Training Leader and found much comfort in her experience and her advice. We were busy all day and were incredibly busy, I even got to be senior companion and drive the car around Payette. It was one of my favorite days. I wish we could be companions sometime on the mission but she is leaving to go home next month. Although with the new transfers "The Trio" from the MTC is back together again we are serving in the same Zone for this transfer and are super pumped to be back together. Sister Sorenson is in my District which is awesome.

I been studying a lot this week and finding so much joy in reading the New Testament about the Saviors ministry and the road of discipleship. It has been a great blessing to have time to study every morning. One talk I focused on this week as well was by Elder Robert D. Hales in this General Conference. He talks about having a "personal council" with ourselves. He invites us so take some time to think about what we can do better to strengthen ourselves and others. We are the pilots in our lives and are in charge. I have learned as a missionary that each day we have choices we can choose to be obedient and we can choose to be happy, we can choose each day to be better.

Lastly, towards the end of the week we were broadsided with a number of opinions about the things going on in the "outside world". I will just leave my testimony I know that the hand of the lord Jesus Christ is in this church and that he is at the head. I testify that the message we share each and everyday is truly the restored gospel here upon the earth and that the missionaries serving around the world are representatives of Jesus Christ called by a prophet of God. I testify that the men we sustain as Prophet, Seers and revelators are men called of God, led and guided by him. I know that the Savior will come again to this earth and that he loves all of his children and is and will always be mindful of each and everyone of us. This work is not about us missionaries it is about the children of God. Each and everyday it has been a blessing to represent my Savior Jesus Christ and to be whole heartedly invested in the work. I know that the message we share is true and that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love each and everyone one of their children because I feel it for the people here in Payette.

Have a great week everyone! 

All my Love,

Sister Cleveland

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