Monday, April 25, 2016

Time Flies.. and I'm Just Trying to Keep Up

Hi everyone :)

yet another week has flown by. it's already the last week of the transfer super hard to believe. I could be staying in Caldwell or leaving. I hardly want to think about it because i love this people and the awesome investigators that we get to work with. so much work going on with the people in this area. One of our investigators Kelly, has had a baptismal date many times and missed each one usually because he hasn't gone to church or one of his addictions. We've been working with Kelly the last few weeks because he wants to be baptized and overcome his addictions. So just about each week we buy him a bag of lollipops to sublimate the smoking.  He loves it, and says it's working for him.He's been clean from his smoking addictions for a week now! We meet with him a ton though to keep him focused and that he is keeping his commitments. Our other investigator Merissa is doing super well, we had a lesson on real intent and asking in sincerity and the importance of the book of Mormon she has begun reading it on her own. And we are reading with her since our mission president challenged us to finish it in two transfers. I am loving reading the Book of Mormon again and it has opened my eyes to things I missed the other times. It always perfect to see how much the lord loves his children and has a desire to help them!

Tomorrow is sisters conference and I'm super excited to see all my sisters! This week I got a super interesting phone call from the stake president in the are that I am serving in. He asked if we were doing anything on Sunday at six and I though for sure he was asking about dinner. Sadly he wasn't! hah He asked me if I would be willing to speak in the stake priesthood meeting on Sunday. i gladly accepted and then hung up. Afterwards I asked myself what had I gotten myself into.. I agonized the whole week over this talk. One the topic was "How can the priesthood help in hastening the work?" and as a missionary some days you feel like you have no time like at all.. so i was getting nervous when it was Friday and I hadn't written a talk yet. I finally had a window to work on it on Saturday and ended up finishing it. What a unique opportunity to address the priesthood brethren in our stake. I felt of the love and gratitude our heavenly father has for them as they labor in his kingdom. I'm grateful to be an instrument in the hands of the lord at this time of my life. I have seen so many opportunities and blessings in not only my life, but the lives of those I serve with and teach. Last night we of course had to end the week with dessert and stories from our bishop and his wife. Its our Sunday night tradition :) 

Hope everyone has a great week :) 

Much Love,

Sister Cleveland

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