Monday, May 2, 2016

"I have been BLESSED!"

Well I cant say that it wasn't coming but I got transferred and i balled like a baby..

     Let's back up to this week. I knew that I was being transferred so teaching this week was super hard because I didn't want to leave anyone. But I started this week with an awesome Sister Conference with the Sisters in the mission. It was so much fun to see all my sistas  ( yes the trio w as back together) I know you were thinking it and the reunion was quite glorious. We had an awesome conference filled with training's, talks by President and Sister Cannon and a great lunch. Starting the week on a high for sure. This week we played baseball with our recent convert Merle he plays for the rec team in Caldwell and we were going to visit him to teach a lesson before his game (yes we're those missionaries) and he decided to teach us how to get ground balls, and throw you name it he taught it. Love him sooo much. (we also played an intense came of rock paper scissors) This week I reflected a lot on the atonement (I know I do pretty much every week) but in the lives of the people we've been working with its always seems to be the answer or comfort to the things that they are going through. I have come to have a depth of love that fills my whole soul on my mission its kind of the only way I can describe it. I was reflecting on how the atonement does not just apply to one person, it applies to all. We all need it to make it back to our heavenly father. I reflected on how the atonement provides healing not just cleansing which we often understand from the garden of Gethsemane. But the power the atonement has to heal broken things.. even hearts. I've watched that power countless times in my life here on the mission.

       Sometimes my mind and heart cannot comprehend the love that Heavenly Father has for his children sometimes it almost makes your heart want to burst. That's why leaving the area is so hard.. I mean I didn't just cry when I send goodbye.. I ugly cried.. Saying goodbye to so many people I have loved was super hard and when I had to tell Merle (our recent convert) I blubbered and cried all over.. he probably thought I was a weirdo. His dad was talking to me and he made me cry. He said "Sister Cleveland you have become part of our family and always will be.. and i don't say that lightly." I really hope that they're family stays active so that they can go to the temple and get sealed. I know Merle will be a tremendous blessing to his family. I'm so grateful for my time here in Caldwell and training. There are so many things I have learned and had a privilege to be a part of so many lives. I was talking Nathan's Mom last night.. update on him: sadly Nathan went back to jail just recently its been pretty hard to watch those you love go through so much and you want to help them carry the load, or wish they didn't have to go through it.. but his Mom has been super strong and going to see her and testify of the love the lord has for her has been one of the many blessings in Caldwell. I have been thinking about how i'm being a baby and its super hard to leave my area in the hands of someone else. But I think about how much Heavenly Father entrusts people into our care. how he loves them and hopes that we come to understand even just a speck of the love he has for his children. I'm so grateful for my time here and all the lord has taught me and now its off to Nampa.. to go love his children over there. grateful for the mission everyday.. I've truly been blessed.

All My Love, 
Sister Cleveland

1. me and sister bertalino
2. The Hartungs love them
3. Caldwell
4. My Sista- Sorenson
5. Sister Smith and I
6. The Trio Reunion
7. Nate and Nina.. such amazing examples to me I will share there story in a guest post next week
8. Merle Kinder Jr <3
9. Elder Anien and I

10. All the Sisters I entered the field with.. Halfway next month.. (What? I know..)

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