Monday, May 16, 2016

BUCKLE UP: Cause We had an Eventful Week

So this week was amazingly packed!

We started off the week by  having a super dead day no one was opening the door we taught one lesson so far that day but we were determine to keep "our line in the water all day" as we went to another house and no one opened we got in the car and got a text message from a member in one of our wards who said a investigator that we have been looking for was in her backyard! The investigators name is Francesca and she has taken the discussions twice already but because of her age and her family not wanting her to get baptized she couldn't. But she is now 18 graduating high school and we finally got a hold of her, taught the first discussion and set a baptismal date! Such a huge miracle that day! we also did some service this week we went  to a less active sisters house and pulled some weeds with her with the elders.It was super fun ( who ever though i'd saying pulling weeds was fun) but we had a great time fellow shipping with this sister. We also started walking around our area a lot more and entertain ourselves with seeing how many friendly honks we can get in a day! We also had a fabulous comp date at IKG which is Hawaiian food super delicious we were in heaven… later that night we got a surprise from my university basketball coach who just happen to be traveling from Virginia back to Oregon so she called my mission president and asked if she could see me. She took my companions and I out for desert it was a fun time. 

I'm super excited for our an investigator in Caldwell I was teaching, she called me this week and told me she was getting baptized on Saturday! I'm super excited for her! and i get to go back. Such a blessing to be a part of the journeys of so many people who want to draw closer to heavenly father. We just finished the lessons with our investigator Dan is was such tender experience as we asked him and his fiancee to close their eyes and imagine themselves dressed in white at the temple and then imagine themselves in white with their kids standing in front of heavenly father. We talked about he beauty of everything heavenly father wants for us and more. Dan talked about his conversion and how much his life has changed he chose this verse to describe it Alma 5:12-13. This week I've been working on our mission challenge to finish up the Book of Mormon too its going well I'm already at the end of Alma so I am right on track! To finish off the week we went on a nice morning stroll with our mission president and his wife. Got to chat about life and pet a horse in their subdivision :) Super good week jam packed! Hope you all are doing well!

Lots of Love,

Sister Cleveland

Here is the weekly trio tag: In giving His life, Christ saved not only His own life but our lives as well. He made it possible for us to exchange what would otherwise have been an ultimately futile mortal life for eternal life.

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