Monday, May 30, 2016

Tender Moments

Hellooo Everyone!

Our mission boundaries are going to be changed. We will be getting Meridian, Star and Eagle and will be getting the Meridian temple which we got to see this week :) Along with getting a new mission president next transfer we will be getting 52 missionaries from the Idaho Boise Mission. We have some major changes coming soon. 

So much has happen this week:
Started the week of playing some water balloon volleyball with the zone. It's starting to get super warm here so were pretty excited. We went walking that night to an appt. As we were walking some members pulled over not the first ones we saw that night.. and told us there was a girl coming our way who looked like she had been crying. So we positioned ourselves to the other side of the street so we could "run into" her and we did. She told us what had happen and she walked off crying. We were a little dumbfounded so all we could think to do was pray. We didn't have our car to chase her down.. so we prayed right there on the side of the street. We prayed that the lord would soften her sisters heart and that the girl would have a ride home because she lives on the other side of Nampa. We hope that he sister was able to find her. Of course whats a week without some service so we did a zone service project moving a family with a super tiny trailer so we played Tetris.. there were lots of Chiefs but we had enough Indians so i guess it worked. This week  was also spiritually exhausting in all the best ways. We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Cannon it was super emotional. We had a great testimony meeting and were able to play some fun zone bonding games that were spiritually and fun. President talked about getting the gospel into our souls not just our hearts. My favorite quote was "Becoming more like Christ is emancipating" Our lives can become better as we follow the simple invitations from the Savior to "come unto him". We picked up an new investigator this week named Hayden. She went to church last week and told us it just felt right. She came to church with us this week and met our Bishop. Who bore a powerful testimony on the book of mormon and invited the youth in the ward to read it. Hayden turned to us and said "he's talking to me!" This week were super blessed to be invited to the temple by a sister in our ward.I wrote about her in the last email. We were able to receive permission and had an amazing experience at the temple with her. Her parents were able to come. Such a beautiful experience to watch them in the temple together. Such a tender mission moment. Her mom took my hand and held it and just kept saying thank you. To all of us sisters. She also told Robin that it would be the last time they would be there together. I'm so grateful for the love of heavenly father has for each of us. Our prayers are always heard, the pleadings over time will be answered in the lords time. What a tender experience to be part of the answer to prayers that have been over by that sweet family. Robin spent the following day in the temple again. The Blessings of the temple are for all of us! I KNOW that the lord love us.. I KNOW it and I BELIEVE it. Keep the Faith and Keep trying everyday! Have a great week everyone. 

Trio Tag: "We all need to be viewed with the eyes of faith on what we can become, not necessarily what we happen to be at the moment."

Much love from Idaho,

Sister Cleveland

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