Monday, May 9, 2016

"Hello Boys"

Hey Everyone!

      Nampa life has begun and the trio so far is good. I'm serving with Sister Abello and Sister Chevalier  we are all one transfer apart from each other upon entering the field. It really feels like we are shotgunning our area because one of my companions has only been here for 6 weeks and really doesn't know as many people as she would like so we are starting from scratch but that's okay. This week hasn't been as busy as I'm use too but we taught some lessons with some super cool people. We also did some service as a zone were we pulled weeds and did some gardening my skills are going to be on point in the future and had what felt like nothing but meetings all week it was probably like two meetings hah We have two investigators here  one who has a baptismal date set for June (yes that's actually next month weird..) and the other is a super sweet girl who is 11 and wants to learn about heavenly father. Her parents are Catholic but she loves to pray and told us how much she feels god answers her prayers. I loved it, it was such a sweet reminder that our prayers are heard and when we have the faith it reminded me of this scripture in the Book of Mormon in Alma 33:8 the lord is mindful and hears the cries of all his children. Our mission Book of Mormon challenge is still plugging along we 5 weeks left to finish I'm hoping to be finished with Alma this week. Update from Caldwell Marissa who i was teaching is planning on getting baptized this weekend so hopefully that comes together. I also got a call from the elders in Payette that someone we taught is getting baptized on the 21st so were pretty excited about that too. We have found our our favorites sisters in Nampa she is British and hilarious she doesn't like Yankees even though she married one and lives in America. This week our companionship is focusing on a quote be President Henry B Erying " When you go to comfort and serve anyone for the savior he prepares the way before you" I know that to be true, it has been such a blessing to see the lord open pathways for us as we serve the lord. I know that you go to comfort and serve those you may come in contact with he will answers your desires to know who you can help! Hope you all have a great week :)


Sister Cleveland

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