Thursday, March 23, 2017

18 Months// Sheri Dew

Hello everyone :)

Weird day to be emailing but our P-day got switched since we are heading to the temple today to get blessed! This week has been pretty good. We actually had a miracle a family just showed up at church on Sunday in one of our wards and they aren't members. So of course S.Kelly and I race over after sacrament meeting and introduce ourselves.. later on in ward council the told us about her and her family. Her husband is actually a member less active but her daughter has gone to the LDS Church before and she wants to be a part of the young women's program and such. It was pretty cool we were subbing for someone in the ward during Sunday School and taught the class this new investigator was in, it was great! We gave her a Book of Mormon introduces ourselves and told her we'd see her soon.

The next day we went out to lunch with some of our favorite people in our Vienna Woods ward it was great we laughed and chatted they are missionary moms so we had a grand time. We went on exchanges the next day. I went to Emmett with Sister Shurtleff. Emmett is kind of like Payette in a way it was fun. We went to a nursing home to sing with the residents which Sister Shurtleff waited to tell me until we got there and we sang for an hour! I don't know if some of you know or not but I don;t have the greatest voice so we sang and sang it was super fun though we use the hymnbook and the only songs we couldn't sing were about the restoration and Joseph Smith because they get up and leave when they do ;)

Coleman had surgery on Wednesday and it went super well :) We are happy for them he still has a long road ahead but is doing okay!Wednesday night we were asked to teach "How to talk to people" at one of our wards missionary months mutual activities it was quite funny to say the least I think the youth thought It would be easier than it actually is. Thursday I hit my 18 MONTHS!! Can't believe it!! We went to lunch with Sister Anderson one of the senior couples who is finishing her mission in the office to celebrate and then headed to listen to Sheri Dew speak in our stake! It was fantastic! She started off by saying I want to tell you what March Madness and Relief Society have in common.. I was sold from that point on! It was great though her message was on point and we all loved it. Plus she gave us a hug at the end of the night :)

Saturday we taught Heather again it went well we taught about law of Chasity and the law of tithing. Later that day we went to teach at the Missionary Boot camp the ward did. It was awesome. We love that ward so much and the youth. They ward wrapped up the missionary month by having us speak in sacrament which went super well, it's always nerve wrecking to speak in church but we did it. All and all it was a great week :)  Hope you all have a great week!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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