Monday, March 13, 2017

Hello World

Hey everyone :)

Things week flew by,, it was crazy and pretty great!

We had so much going on our week consisted of lessons, exchanges with our sisters, interviews with president, writing talks and preparing lessons.

Monday- We had a great lesson with our new investigator Pat our Bishop and Elders Quorum President went over and invited him to take the missionary lessons. His girlfriend is a member who is currently less active bu they are expecting a baby and we were able to teach the plan of salvation it was a good lesson. The funniest part was that our mission president has invited us to sing in the beginning of our lessons. so we handed out the sheet of music and the couple didn't want to sing so they asked us to.. and let's just say it wasn't super pretty but it invited the spirit and we gave our best effort. It was still a good lesson and they invited us back so it couldn't have been that bad :)

Tuesday- we had exchanges with some sisters. I went to the west side of Meridian with Sister Latu who is a gem and I've been on exchanges with before it was super  f un :) she is awesome such a hard worker!

Wednesday- I came back to my area with Sis Kelly and we went for our weekly visit with Gary we shared the talk "Joy and Spiritual Survival" which is a great talk so if your looking for a quick read pop over to and check out last conference talks.
We had lots of visits to make that night and helped the youth in one of our wards with their missionary month. It was pretty fun going around with them seeing there excitement for serving a mission one day.

Thursday-  We went to go visit our friend Alana she is less active but let's us come by and visit. Her daughter wanted to meet us and their cat had passed away the night before so she was home from school mourning.. so we chatted with them. It's cool to see people's hearts soften without the really noticing.

Friday- We had exchanges I was with Sister Jensen she's a gem and it was fun! We had interviews with President which always go well, I love that guy. WE had a 8:00 lesson with our investigator Heather we taught her about following the prophet and invited her to watch general conference in the coming weeks. We had more visits that day too. 

Saturday-  We helped out at the family history day and served lunch there it was fun! Sister Kelly and I had some lessons to prepare for and a talk to write so we did that afterwards. We went to a baptism that night and then headed over to visit some members in our ward who are going through a hard time right now. It was a super positive visit :)

Sunday- Sundays consist of church and meetings. It was a good day though. Our talks went great we spoke with our WML in Edinburgh who we love. So it was super fun. He always gives us life advice we love it and his family!

Well have a great week everyone. that's the update :)

P.S- Here is a picture of us and Coleman a couple weeks ago I've written about him before, he has surgery on Wednesday, to remove his cancer! So say a little extra prayer for him. He's AMAZING!

All My Love,

Sister Cleveland

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